How Shivanand Saves ₹414 Per Month

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How Shivanand Saves ₹414 Per Month - Host My Website Online

This story is a success story of Mr Shivanand Ganji, a webmaster from Pune, Maharashtra who now saves ₹414 per month from his web hosting expenses. This success story began when Shivanand decided to migrate his website from GoDaddy to Host My Website Online.

He came to our website, and he is smart enough to understand the technology which we provide, and he acted quickly.

Shivanand’s Current Web Hosting Plan

His current web hosting plan from GoDaddy is their Economy plan. With this plan, he gets 100 GB Storage, but we at Host My Website Online only provides 1 GB Storage to him as per his chosen plan with us; the Starter plan. But in reality, the 1 GB disk space itself large enough to host his website files, as his current disk space usage is just 80 MB so far, that is only 7.81% of his total allocated disk space.

Both GoDaddy and Host My Website Online offer an Unmetered Bandwidth. In his GoDaddy plan, he had 50 FTP users, 10 MySQL databases, 25 Subdomains where from Host My Website Online he now gets all without any limit.

cPanel Version (a big lie)

While GoDaddy’s sales page says, their cPanel version is which got its initial release on July 2016. As per cPanel’s Long-Term Support, this 58 version’s Long-Term Support has ended on July 2017.

cPanel is a significant software of any shared hosting account, and leaving this software not updated that too after it’s official end of life will threaten the security of the all domains hosted on the same server. We are very curious and at the same time shocked to see such a big company doesn’t care their end user’s security nor they are not interested in providing cool features cPanel Inc released over time.

How Shivanand Saves ₹414 Per Month - Host My Website Online

Interestingly, their cPanel login screen’s copyright year says 1999 – 2015; which means, GoDaddy is actually providing version 46 and not version 58. You see version 46 is 12 releases older than version 58. Why this big lie, GoDaddy? Why don’t you provide what you offer to a customer?

How Shivanand Saves ₹414 Per Month - Host My Website Online

We have checked Shivanand’s PHP version, and surprisingly it was version 5.6, and now his account moved to PHP version 7.2, the latest and super performing PHP version.

Free Migration

As part of our mission and service offering, we have provided a free migration to our 100% Cloud SSD server which is super-optimised for his WordPress powered website. During this free website migration process his site was accessible and the process finished in a few hours.

Free SSL Certificate

We do offer a free and automated SSL certificate to all domains hosted on our server. We deployed an SSL certificate on his domain, but we found that there were many hard-coded URLs which uses HTTP and this caused a Mixed Content warning. We fixed this issue for Shivanand free of cost even though this is not part of our commercial offering. But we wanted to see and support a more healthy and safer Internet; we can’t sit and let our clients pull their hair to fix such issues. After all, we have experienced Technical Support team who are ready to help any webmasters.

Shivanand made an excellent decision by moving his domain from GoDaddy’s expensive hosting plan to Host My Website Online’s lowest/affordable/cheapest-in-price Cloud SSD server. He will not only save 91.55% of web hosting expenses per month, he and his website visitors now can enjoy a high-speed well optimised and super latest hosting experience.

You might be wondering how can we give this premium-quality website hosting service to this lowest price; we have an answer to Why this most economical price for our Cloud SSD servers. Are you interested in saving a significant amount of money from your hosting expenses as Shivanand did? Choose our plans and migrate to Host My Website Online now.

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