How to Change Name Server in GoDaddy

How to Change Name Server in GoDaddy – Guide

You may have a domain name registered via GoDaddy and wanted to host that domain name on our Premium Cloud SSD shared hosting servers.

For that, you will have to change the Name Server in GoDaddy.

Once you have subscribed for our very affordable shared web hosting packages, the very next step you need to make is to change the nameservers of your domain name. Only after you make the changes in your DNS value, the domain will get pointed to our server and start serving your website.

What Is a Nameserver?

I will explain what is a Nameserver in easy words; I will try not to use any technical terms here.

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A Nameserver is a bridge between the domain registrar’s network and the web hosting service provider’s network. Imagine, you have registered the domain name example.com from GoDaddy, and you choose to host the website on Host My Website Online’s cloud servers.

When a visitor is trying to see your website, he will use browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. As soon as the visitor type example.com and hit the Enter key, the browser will look for connecting with the domain name example.com.

The browser will first send a request to the domain name registrar to retrieve some primary information about the domain name example.com. Details like nameserver, IP Address of the host server etc. will have ready by now with the browser.

The DNS Manager, often your domain name registrar will tell the browser that example.com’s nameserver value is ns.host.com and ns.host.com is hosted with The Web Host Company.

Since the browser now has the nameserver information about the domain example.com, the browser then communicates with the network which host and manage the ns.host.com. It would be the server which you choose to host your website files for the domain example.com.

At this point, the browser will fetch all the requested and allowed files to display the website via the browser’s window.

Don’t worry, all of these processes will happen in a few milliseconds. That means you can easily Change name server in GoDaddy.

Now let’s change the nameserver of your domain name.

Login to Your Godaddy Account

Since you register your domain from Godaddy, you need to login to your Godaddy account to change the nameserver. Don’t worry; it will not take more than a minute.

As soon as you logged in, mostly you will be landed to your My Products section. There you will see your registered domains listed.

How To Change Nameserver In Godaddy
Find your domain name in GoDaddy

Now click on the DNS button of your domain name, which we are going to change the nameserver value.

Now Lets Change Name Server in GoDaddy

If you haven’t changed the nameserver of your domain name, then your domain will be using the default nameserver details of GoDaddy.

How To Change Nameserver In Godaddy
Your current default nameservers in GoDaddy.

Now, click on the Change button.

How To Change Nameserver In Godaddy
Input your new custom Nameserver here to Change Name server in GoDaddy

Select Custom from the Choose your new nameserver type drop-down menu. You will have two empty text fields to input your new nameserver there.

What Is My New Nameserver From Host My Website Online?

To know your nameserver value for the web hosting account you subscribed, please check your email. The email subject line would be Your New Hosting Account is here.

Please open the email and scroll down where you will find your Nameserver details under Server Information section.

An example Nameserver details are

Nameserver 1: server1.hostmywebsite.online
Nameserver 2: server2.hostmywebsite.online

Copy and paste both nameserver values in the empty text field we have seen under your GoDaddy account.

Click the Save button after you have added both nameserver values.

How Long Will It Take Finish the Nameserver Changes?

Please note that it may take up to 24 hours to reflect your nameserver changes across the globe. But, often, nameserver record changes will propagate in a few minutes.

The nameserver changes nowadays will propagate much faster. But sometime, it will not reflect at your end so quickly. That would be because of the DNS caching of your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Interestingly, sometimes, your mobile browser will display contents from your old server. And your personal computer shows your website from your new server. This difference would usually be because of your ISP’s DNS cache.

How to Verify Your Nameserver Changes?

Once you Change Name server in GoDaddy, you may check it to avoid any mess.

To check your nameserver propagation, visit whatsmydns.net or DNSMap. Type your domain name in the search box and choose NS from the drop-down menu.

You will see your domain’s current nameservers across the internet. You might even see both previous and new values used by various test networks on this website.

Please wait until every test servers use the same nameserver value.

You may change your website files once the nameserver changes propagated entirely. For that, you can access your FREE cPanel account. And enable your FREE Cloudflare CDN with our exclusive FREE Railgun technology.

You will also get your FREE SSL certificate installed once you change the nameserver details.

Are you looking to use our FREE Migration support to migrate your website? Then you may not need to change the nameserver yourself. We will take care of that.

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