How to Create a Free Email Address in cPanel

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In this tutorial, I’m here to tell you about the email accounts interface.

To send and receive an email, you need an email account; cPanel makes it easy to set up and manage email accounts.

If you would like to see how to manage existing email accounts, we explained that process in another tutorial.

Let’s go ahead and login to cPanel. Here we are in the cPanel home interface. Let’s scroll down to the email group. And then click the Email Accounts icon.

How to create a free email address in cPanel
Click on Email Accounts

Default Email Account in cPanel

The email accounts interface will appear. Right now the only account that appears in the table is the Default Email Account.

How to Create a Free Email Address in cPanel
Default Email Account

This default email account is the account that receives the email when the sender didn’t route it to a mailbox that exists.

Add Email Account Interface in cPanel

First, we need to create a few new email accounts. Click the Add Email Account button, and then Add Email Account interface appears.

How to Create a Free Email Address in cPanel
cPanel Add Email Account Interface

If you manage more than one domain select the appropriate domain for this email account. I am making this email address on

If your domain doesn’t appear on the list, you can check the subdomains and aliases on the account with these two links on the side.

In the username textbox, enter the email address that you wish to create.

I am going to create an email account for someone named John. For account security, you can either set a password or send a link to another email account for the user to set their preferred password.

First, let me show you how to set a password for the account.

Enter a password in the password text box. The strength bar indicates the relative strength of the password that you entered.

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Click the eyeball button to reveal or hide the password.

You can also click Generate to have the system generate a strong password for you.

Click the down arrow to configure some other options for the generated password like minimum password length, uppercase letters, numbers and symbols.

Now I will show you how to send a link to another email account for the user to set their password.

Select the provide alternative email option. Enter an email address in the alternate email text box.

Our system will send a link to their email address. The user can click that link and set their password.

Now let’s set storage space for the account.

This is how much mail and attachments at the mailbox can store. You can enter a number and set the units of measurement.

Do you want to send a welcome email with mail client configuration instructions? We will select the checkbox.

This will make it easier for the new user to access their mail. They can log into their account via webmail to get their setup information.

If you want to create another account, select this Stay on this page after I click to create a checkbox.

Finally, click create the account to create the email account. A success message will appear.

Congratulation, the account has been created.

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