How we issue SSL Certificates

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How We Issue SSL Certificates | Host My Website Online

At Host My Website Online, we value the health of the secure Internet very much. As part of our product offering, we offer a FREE automated SSL Certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt.

We have enabled AutoSSL by WHM across all our servers. AutoSSL will request an SSL certificate for any domain hosted on our servers automatically in a defined time interval. Once AutoSSL requested to Let’s Encrypt, The Let’s Encrypt system will validate the request; after the validation Let’s Encrypt will issue the certificate.

AutoSSL then will retrieve the certificate and deploy to the respective cPanel server. AutoSSL will also handle the renewal of the certificates before the expirations. So, at any point in time, there is no any requirement for any human action; all are automated.

We also have an automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirection configured, so whenever a visitor accesses your website, no matter what, that user will get a secured version of your website.

We would love to thank Let’s Encrypt and its community and supporters for providing such a great facility to everyone free of cost.

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