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Join Our Affiliate Program | Host My Website Online

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to earn income with absolutely zero investment. In Affiliate Marketing, you are referring a company to your friends, colleagues, your audience and once they make a sale with the company you earn a commission out of the transaction.

We have an Affiliate Marketing program in place, where you can earn 25% of the products sold through your referral link.

How does the Host My Website Online Affiliate system works?

Head over to Affiliate Page and register, if you haven’t. Post-activation of your Host My Website Online Affiliate account, you will get a unique affiliates link. This is the link you will be sharing with everyone.

If you share your link with someone, they do not need to buy any product instantly; we have a 90 Days time.

Once the visitor subscribe to our services through your affiliates link, you will get commission to your bank account.

Please note that, post subscription, we will have a 30 Days hold time. Once that hold time crossed, if you have a minimum of ₹1000 in your affiliate account, you can request for withdrawal.



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