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Last updated on October 19th, 2018 at 03:16 pm.

With webby, you can have multiple page website easily. To manage your web pages, please access the third menu in the side panel.

Here you can Add a page, Make a copy of the existing page and Delete any unwanted pages.

Using the Page Settings popup, you can change the page name, page title, add a favicon, and choose suitable Skin for your page.

You can add basic SEO tags like Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords. You can add your Google Analytics JavaScript snippet here if you wish to track your website’s visitors.

You will have an option to choose a Preloader animation by accessing the last tab from the Page Settings popup box.

Page Names

Please note, your main page’s Name SHOULD BE index. Please DO NOT RENAME IT.

If your page Name¬†contains more than one words, you should have an “-” added in between.

The whole Linux based web servers work this way. Not specific to the webby builder.

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