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We are always lean towards implementing latest features on our service list. But there is some exciting space where we need to look for the latest specs along with providing support to the old versions.

PHP support is one of them. We know that the latest PHP 7.2 is super fast and more secure than its old versions, however, there are many many websites uses old versions of PHP, especially the most widely used PHP version 5.6.

Many website owners are still using old specs because of a few reasons. They don’t know how to upgrade, as they left the contact with their initial website developers behind or the website owner can’t update due to the technical dependency their website rely on etc.

They need to host their website on a stable, high performing SSD servers like what we at Host My Website Online offers. And we can’t leave them behind this internet world unsupported.

So, we are offering support for older PHP versions from PHP 4.4 to the latest version 7.2 out of the box. You can choose old PHP versions without worrying about security as this PHP is hardened PHP. Hardened PHP means that this PHP codebase has been patched with all the known security vulnerabilities.

Access PHP Selector

To access PHP Selector and change your PHP version, login to your cPanel account. Once you have logged in, search for Select PHP Version icon under Software panel. Now click on the Select PHP Version, and you will be taken to PHP Selector page.


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