17 Recommended Cloudflare Settings to Boost Your Website Performance

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So, you have activated your Cloudflare account and wondering what to do to get maximum optimisation and security advantage from Cloudflare. Well, this guide will walk you through the best possible Cloudflare tweaks you have to make to boost your website performance and security.

This best recommended Cloudflare settings guide will assume that you already have an active Cloudflare account.

How To Activate Cloudflare

If you haven’t signed up with Cloudflare, you can log in to your cPanel account and search for Cloudflare; you will find Cloudflare under Software section. Click on the Cloudflare icon to sign up or login with your existing Cloudflare account.

You can also open a Cloudflare account by going Cloudflare website.

Best Recommended Cloudflare Settings in cPanel.

With our cPanel plugin, you have a limited yet necessary configuration to get you started.

Once you logged in to your Cloudflare account via cPanel, you will see navigation as seen in this below picture.

Cloudflare Menu Structure in cPanel
Cloudflare Menu Structure in cPanel

Home Tab

1. Always Online™

If your server goes down, Cloudflare will serve your website’s static pages from Cloudflare’s cache. Toggle this to On.

2. IPv6 Compatibility

Enable IPv6 support and gateway. Toggle this to On.

3. Caching Level

Determine how much of your website’s static content you want Cloudflare to cache. Increased caching can speed up page load time. Select Standard.

4. Railgun™

Accelerate the delivery of dynamic content. Toggle this to On.

Do you know that Railgun is an expensive technology which costs $200 per month per domain? But it is FREE for you from us through the partnership between Host My Website Online and Cloudflare.

Settings Tab

5. Security Level

Adjust your website’s Security Level to determine which visitors will receive a challenge page. Select Medium.

6. Challenge Passage

Specify how long a visitor is allowed access to your website after completing a challenge. Select 30 Minutes.

7. Browser Integrity Check

Evaluate HTTP headers from your visitor’s browser for threats. If Cloudflare found a risk, then a block page will be delivered. Toggle this to On.

8. SSL

Encrypt communication to and from your website using SSL. Select Full Strict.

9. Auto Minify

Reduce the file size of the source code on your website. Check all JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

10. Browser Cache Expiration

Determine the length of time Cloudflare instructs a visitor’s browser to cache files. During this period, the browser loads the content from its local cache, speeding up page loads. The longer is better here, choose the 1 Year.

These are the options available within the cPanel plugin. Now let’s open our Cloudflare account via Cloudflare Dashboard to tweak settings further.

Best Recommended Cloudflare Settings

Login to your Cloudflare dashboard and choose the domain name that we are going to optimise. We will skip some of the settings in the Cloudflare dashboard which we already changed through cPanel.

Cloudflare Menu Structure in Cloudflare Dashboard
Cloudflare Menu Structure in Cloudflare Dashboard

Crypto Tab

11. Always Use HTTPS

Redirect all requests with scheme “HTTP” to “HTTPS”. This change applies to all HTTP requests to the zone. Toggle this to On.

12. Onion Routing

Onion Routing allows routing traffic from legitimate users on the Tor network through Cloudflare’s onion services rather than exit nodes, thereby improving the privacy of the users and enabling more fine-grained protection. Toggle this to On.

13. Automatic HTTPS Rewrites

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites helps fix mixed content by changing “HTTP” to “HTTPS” for all resources or links on your website that can serve with HTTPS. Toggle this to On.

Speed Tab

14. Brotli

Speed up page load times for your visitor’s HTTPS traffic by applying Brotli compression. Toggle this to On.

15. Rocket Loader™

Improve the paint time for pages that include JavaScript. Toggle this to On.

Scrape Shield Tab

16. Email Address Obfuscation

Display obfuscated email addresses on your website to prevent harvesting by bots and spammers, without visible changes to the address for human visitors. Toggle this to On.

17. Server-side Excludes

Automatically hide specific content from suspicious visitors. Toggle this to On.

With this comprehensive, proven Cloudflare performance and security settings tweak, we hope you will get the most benefit from Cloudflare.

If you have any questions about the Cloudflare settings, please leave them in the comments below, and we will answer them.

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