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Last updated on October 19th, 2018 at 03:16 pm.

Once you have designed your website using our Free HTML5 website builder, you can directly upload them to your cPanel server using FTP Publish option under webby builder tool. Also, you have an alternative to Download from webby and manually upload back to your cPanel server.

To access FTP Publish, You need to click the Third Menu with the hamburger icon, at the Left Panel of the website builder software.

In FTP settings popup, please input the following values.


FTP/FTPS. Please prefer FTPSecure here.


Input your domain name here. You don’t need to add https or www here.


Your cPanel username is your default FTP username. To know your cPanel username and password, please check your web hosting account welcome email. The subject line would be, Your New Hosting Account is here. Please see the Login Details to see your free cPanel username and password.


Your cPanel Password.


Please input /public_html here if you want to see the design when you are accessing your website directly. You can add additional directories here if you are going to use this design in a subdomain or subdirectory. For example /public_html/sub-domain or /public_html/sub-directory.

Click on the Apply button after you input the FTP credentials. The files should be added within a few seconds, and you will get a confirmation message.

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